Drawer Units

DU-24-24-XX-XX    H:24" W:24"
DU-24-36-XX-XX    H:24" W:36"
DU-24-42-XX-XX    H:24" W:42"
DU-24-48-XX-XX    H:24" W:48"
DU-36-24-XX-XX    H:36" W:24"
DU-36-36-XX-XX    H:36" W:36"
DU-36-42-XX-XX    H:36" W:42"
DU-36-48-XX-XX    H:36" W:48"

Shelving Units

SH-36-24-XX-XX    H:36" W:24"
SH-36-36-XX-XX    H:36" W:36"
SH-36-42-XX-XX    H:36" W:42"
SH-36-48-XX-XX    H:36" W:48"
SH-48-24-XX-XX    H:48" W:24"
SH-48-36-XX-XX    H:48" W:36"
SH-48-42-XX-XX    H:48" W:42"
SH-48-48-XX-XX    H:48" W:48"
SH-60-24-XX-XX    H:60" W:24"
SH-60-36-XX-XX    H:60" W:36"
SH-60-42-XX-XX    H:60" W:42"
SH-60-48-XX-XX    H:60" W:48"
SH-72-24-XX-XX    H:72" W:24"
SH-72-36-XX-XX    H:72" W:36"
SH-72-42-XX-XX    H:72" W:42"
SH-72-48-XX-XX    H:72" W:48"


CL-36-36-XX-XX    H:36" W:36"
CL-48-24-XX-XX    H:48" W:24"
CL-48-36-XX-XX    H:48" W:36"
CL-60-24-XX-XX    H:60" W:24"
CL-72-24-XX-XX    H:72" W:24"
CL-72-36-XX-XX    H:72" W:36"


CH-18-18-XX-XX    H:18" W:18"
CH-18-24-XX-XX    H:18" W:24"
CH-18-36-XX-XX    H:18" W:36"
CH-24-24-XX-XX    H:24" W:24"
CH-24-36-XX-XX    H:24" W:36"

Bin Units

BU-24-24-XX-00    H:24" W:24"
BU-24-36-XX-00    H:24" W:36"
BU-36-24-XX-00    H:36" W:24"
BU-36-36-XX-00    H:36" W:36"
BU-36-42-XX-00    H:36" W:42"
BU-36-48-XX-00    H:36" W:48"
BU-48-36-XX-00    H:48" W:36"
BU-48-42-XX-00    H:48" W:42"
BU-48-48-XX-00    H:48" W:48"


LK-36-24-XX-XX    H:36" W:24"
LK-48-12-XX-XX    H:48" W:12"
LK-48-18-XX-XX    H:48" W:18"
LK-72-12-XX-XX    H:72" W:12"
LK-72-18-XX-XX    H:72" W:18"
LK-72-24-XX-XX    H:72" W:24"


XX-02-36-XX-XX    H:2" W:36"
XX-02-48-XX-XX    H:2" W:48"
XX-02-60-XX-XX    H:2" W:60"
XX-02-72-XX-XX    H:2" W:72"
XX-02-96-XX-XX    H:2" W:96"
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Passenger Side Wall


    Driver Side Wall

      Do you want to open a new layout? This will open a blank layout page with a new ID and no associated save data.

      copy layout If you want a copy of the current layout that you can modify seperately, use the copy layout button instead.

      clear grid If you only want to clear the current layout, use the clear grid buttons in the corner of each walls product list.

      Do you want to copy this layout? This will make a copy of the current layout using a new ID. The copied layout can then be modified without affecting the current one. The copied layout is saved on creation using the currently entered email address.

      new layout If you want a new empty layout, use the new layout button instead.

      Do you want to submit this layout to the EZStak team for review? We will receive a copy of the layout to which you will not be able to make any further changes. We will also need some information so we know how to get in touch with you.

      Truck Specifications
      Product Depth

      Do you want us to send you a list of your saved layouts? A list of links to every layout you have saved with the provided email address will be sent to the same address.

      Any layouts saved without an email address cannot be recovered.

      You can provide some additional details to go along with your layout in this window. These details will be saved and loaded along with your truck layout. While they are not required to make use of the application, they are required should you choose to eventually submit your layout. By entering them now you can speed up the process later.

      Truck Specifications
      Product Depth